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At Tradera we believe that consumption has a large impact on our planet. We are determined to use the tools we possess – our business, our voice, our creativity and our platform - to do something about it. In a time when newly produced goods are becoming both cheaper and more accessible, our role is more relevant than ever. 

In this blog post, our Business Sales Manager Rebecca will share her thoughts of how it is to work at a purpose-driven company like Tradera. 

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Rebecca, how is it working at a company with such a strong purpose?
I’m always proud to say that I work at Tradera. We have a simple and clear mission; to 'Drive the Transition to Sustainable Shopping'. As I work with sales, our mission affects my work a lot. We are making it fun and easy for our users to take part in sustainable shopping, which is good for both the planet and the wallet. 

How do you think the view of circular shopping has changed lately?
I think second hand buying has long been associated with going to a physical second hand store and spending the whole weekend rummaging through boxes. It’s almost like a sport. Tradera’s platform has made it easier for both the stores to reach out with their products, and for the consumer to make more sustainable choices for their shopping needs.

How does Tradera drive change in consumers’ buying habits?
We want to make people curious about circular shopping and form the inspiration for  alternatives for people’s shopping needs by talking about “the new new”. Something that isn’t new to you might be new for someone else, even though it’s used.

Tradera’s business model is all about sustainability, but what more do you do?
Internally we have taken several sustainable actions. For example, we are actively working on the shipping issue. We carbon offset for all freight via Tradera and are on the lookout for new flexible shipping solutions. We have also chosen renewable energy for Tradera's office and we compensate for our total carbon dioxide impact, part of which can be our employees' journeys back and forth to work. In 2020 we became climate-neutral and as we want to take sustainability to the next level, we now aim for becoming carbon neutral. 

We have a goal to be sustainable in every way by 2023, why we will take a number of measures in all aspects of sustainability; environmental, social and economic. Some people think of the environment when talking about sustainability, but the social aspect is just as important. For example we have a vision that in 2023 we will have female representation in managerial positions corresponding to the total number of employees. We will also have a policy on diversity, gender equality and equal treatment. 


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